Shapeshifter by Scott Cole

Scott Cole: Electric Mountain Dulcimer
Original, all electric mountain dulcimer multi-tracked to create a minimalist ambient peaceful tune. The middle section is highly influenced by the minimalist art of Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

Shapeshifter – All Mountain Dulcimer version

dulcimer close up

“Beyond Earth – Bowed Dronescapes”

My latest album, exploring deep spaces through the used of bowed bass drones.


Beyond Earth – Bowed Dronescapes

Scott Cole: NS Design Electric-Upright bass, 4-string electric bass, French and German grip bows; sound processing.

released June 16, 2017

All music created by Scott Cole using Studio One DAW w/Focusrite interface; NS Design Electric-Upright bass, 4-string electric bass, French and German grip bows; sound processing.

Mastering and artwork: Matthew Coffman


Album Review of Shapeshifter by Cole & Coffman

Shapeshifter is the collaborative release by Scott Cole and Matthew Coffman, who create an intriguing blend of music that ranges from experimental ambient to acoustic, avant-garde and instrumental world fusion. Comprised of thirteen compositions, the album features an eclectic variety of instruments played by the duo, which include mountain dulcimers, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, synthesizer, keyboard, sitar, flute, reed instruments, didgeridoo, ukulele, cajon, melodica, guitarron, resonator, udu, and other percussion.

“Arc” opens the album with oscillating pulses, immediately reminding me of Steve Reich’s seminal Music for 18 Musicians recording. Sitar, percussion and bass guitar soon join the ensemble to form a minimally melodic and experimental world fusion soundscape that’s not too unlike the ‘fourth world’ music of Jon Hassell. “Strength Will Come” ensues with nocturnal calls and droning, earthy sounds. One of the most intriguing pieces on the album, it progresses into a rhythmic pattern of spinning strings and atmospheric textures, seemingly flowing organically along an improvisational and unpredictable path. Following next is “Emerging”, a more discernably melodic piece that begins with the peaceful sound of ocean waves and gentle acoustic guitar, which are soon accompanied by reed instruments and percussion. The duo also lends an interesting twist to the popularly rendered song, “Scarborough Fair”, which opens with dreamy synthesizers and prominent bass guitar. Flute and reed instruments provide the lead melody among oscillating effects and a pulsating rhythm, curiously bringing to mind that of sailing away at sea while simply allowing the currents to guide their own course. Supported by guitar, synthesizer and subtle percussion, “Calm H2O” is another highlight characterized by lovely liquid bell tones, which not only perfectly conveys the water element, but also reminds me a bit of Balinese music. Closing out the album is “View of the Valley”, an upbeat tune with a rumbling-type rhythm that features didgeridoo and electric guitar. A likewise particularly intriguing piece, it seemingly blends indigenous Australian and Irish music with hints of psychedelic rock.

Fusing contemporary and world instrumental music throughout, Shapeshifterpossesses a certain bohemian essence; one that seems to paint visual collages of nature and its cycles, the ebb and flow of the tides, and blossoming and dying of flowers. Characteristically minimal and seemingly improvisational in its approach, Shapeshifter is a genre-defying album that is worth checking out, especially, for fans of Steve Reich, Jon Hassell and Al Gromer Khan! ~Candice Michelle

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Album Review of Shapeshifter by Cole & Coffman

“Shapeshifter” by Cole & Coffman

We are grateful for your support and welcome your feedback. We are proud of the work on each one of these tracks and excited to send them off to a world that needs a beautiful place to escape to.

Shapeshifter (iTunes)

Cole & Coffman is:
Scott Cole ( Electric and Acoustic Mountain Dulcimers, Fretted and Fretless Basses, NS Design Electric-upright Bass, Synthesizers, Ashbory Bass

Matthew Coffman: Guitar, Sitar Guitar, Didgeridoo, Ukulele, Cajon, Udu and other percussion, Melodica, Guitarron and other Bass guitars, Keyboard and Synthesizer, Resonator



released January 18, 2015


Dark Matter – a long-form ambient journey

Exploring deep spaces, this 19-minute track was recorded in one take using the vocoder setting on the Korg MicroKORG (although a ton of sound processing was done).

Dark Matter

Scott Cole: Korg MicroKORG; sound processing

Dark Matter1

Inspiration for this came from hearing the amazing works of Phillip Wilkerson, Steve Roach, Robert Rich and Craig Padilla.  These are ambient electronic artists of huge significance.